Who Makes The Best UPVC Windows in UK?

If you are looking to get your property in the UK installed with the best UPVC windows, you want to get all your facts right before investing resources in such a project.

In the UK, windows now have to be accompanied with a certificate that details information about energy rating. This rating determines how good the window is at retaining heat. However, the certificate is not the only factor you need to consider when differentiating between a good UPVC window and a bad UPVC window. Even with an A rated certificate, you are not assured of getting the best quality UPVC windows.

Finding the best upvc window profile is also important because the profile thickness of the window plays a big role in determining quality of UPVC windows, but it should not be the only factor you need to look out for. The techniques applied in manufacture and fitting are crucial aspects you need to consider. The quality of hinges, locks, reinforcements provided and how the screws are fitted, also plays a big role when you are purchasing UPVC windows.

To be safe, look for a company that has been in the business for more than ten years. There are many businesses in the market but in our assessment Anglian Home Improvements has the right balance in their UPVC window designs. They have served over 1,000,000 customers and have received some of the best UPVC windows reviews for their work on a number of trusted UK review websites.

With Anglian, the UPVC windows are made with a formula that has gained substantial traction in the market. Having been in the windows business for over 50 years with their plant in the UK, quality has been perfected over the years. This is further guaranteed by a 10-year warranty on installations. UPVC double glazing is their best product that requires low maintenance and is resistant to warping, rotting, and fading.

There are different designs customized to many kinds of property

UPVC Casement Windows

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This design suits any property and to offer better quality Anglian can configure it to your choice. Read more about Anglian UPVC Casement Windows.

UPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

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The objective of this design is to allow easy cleaning because it can be turned 90 degrees. This also allows better ventilation. Read more about Anglian UPVC Tilt and Turn Windows.

UPVC Sliding Sash Windows

best upvc sash windows

If you prefer the traditional style windows, Anglian Home Improvement offers some of the best UPVC sash windows designs that allow you to open fully or partially. Read more about Anglian UPVC Sliding Sash Windows.

UPVC Cottage Windows

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A country look always works well when you have cottage design windows. They help you blend traditional and modern technology. Read more about Anglian UPVC Cottage Windows.

UPVC Bay Windows

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This design ensures your house is well lit and Anglian will let you choose which casement panels you want to be combined. Read more about Anglian UPVC Bay Windows.

UPVC frames

Apart from design, the UPVC frames can be tailor made to your property. They have their own unique formula to guarantee quality. Anglian Home Improvement craftspeople can even add some finishing touches and add aesthetic beauty to your order. You can choose double or triple glazing to give you warmth and security.


To improve security, Anglian Home Improvements has different techniques to enhance security. They have shoot bolt locks, key locking handles, strong construction, toughened glass, and excluder devices. These are incorporated into the designs to boost security for your property.

Best UPVC Windows Deal

If you are planning to change the look on your home, you can submit your old windows for up to £500 and get up to 50% off in the new ones you purchase in the Anglian Help to buy scheme. The objective is to offer £500 towards the cost of replacing your old windows and get 50% off to get new energy efficient ones. Visit Anglian Home Improvements official site to get a free no obligation quote.